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Does Bass Pro Shop Price Match in [year]? (Full Price Match Policy)

Does Bass Pro Shop Price Match?

You don’t have to be an avid angler or outdoorsman to recognize the name Bass Pro Shop. That’s because these guys are massive. Bass Pro Shop has dominated the hunting and fishing retails space for years. As a matter of fact, they are without question, the leading national retailer of outdoor gear and apparel.

Quick Background Of Bass Pro Shop

According to their website, Bass Pro Shops was founded in 1972 by avid young angler Johnny Morris on eight-square-feet of space in the back of his father’s liquor store in Springfield, Missouri. Today, the leading national retailer of outdoor gear and apparel has 200 retail and marine center locations across North America.

Does Bass Pro Shop Price Match?

Since Bass Pro Shop is such a big player in the outdoors equipment industry, does such a dominating retailer like Bass Pro Shop price match other retailers, whether those are brick and mortar or online competitors?

As of the writing of this post, the answer is yes, Bass Pro Shop does in fact offer price matching. As a matter of fact, Bass Pro Shop goes a step further and will beat competitor prices by 5%.

However, after reading through their policy, there are a number of exceptions and stipulations that must be met. I posted the policy down below for you to take a look at yourself. I also provided a link to the policy that’s posted on their website.

While I have never personally tried to price match any items at Bass Pro Shop, I have come across some other people’s experiences while researching info for this post. The following Bass Pro Shop customer experience pretty much sums up what I’ve come across online regarding trying to price match with them. This user’s experience is from

“Yes they price match but boy they make it hard. If shipping didn’t offset the difference I would be using these other stores. You have to do your homework before going into Bass Pro, have a printout of the other stores item, picture, model number, and address to show it is a ‘real’ store.”

The Bass Pro Shop Price Match Policy

The below information is taken from the official Bass Pro Shop website. You can check out their most current price match policy here.

The below policies apply to catalog/online orders only. Please contact your local Bass Pro Shops Retail store location for information on that retail location’s price matching policy.

Generally, merchandise prices in Bass Pro stores, catalogs, and websites will be the same. Occasionally, due to sales, clearance events, or market conditions, prices may vary.

For orders placed through the catalog or online, we will offer a price match with a Bass Pro Shops retail store location, with the following exceptions:

  • We will not honor items noted in the retail store flyer as a “special purchase”
  • We will not honor buy one get one free offers
  • We do not price match gun safes
  • We do not price match firearms that are purchased online
  • We will not honor bonus offers
  • We will not honor rebate offers
  • We will not honor competitor’s coupons (i.e. $60 off  $100 order, 25% off order, etc)
  • If the item is not currently in stock through the catalog/online, we will not offer a price match.
  • We do not match our retail store special sales, such as the Thanksgiving 5 hour sale or 5 day Hot Buy Specials.  
  • We do not honor percentage off sales if it is in conjunction with redeeming Outdoor Reward points or using a specific credit card.
  • (Example-we would not honor “10% off your purchase if you use your VISA credit card”). However, we will honor standard percentage off sales (example-“25% off all Redhead footwear”) If we carry the item through the catalog/online.
  • Some special offers do exist at retail locations that are special buys for that store only, or for a limited time only. We will make every effort to supply customer with item; however, if item is out of stock at retail locations, Bass Pro Shops may not be able to purchase any more quantities.

Please request the price match at the time the order is placed.

Price matching with competitors

We are glad to price match with competitors! Competitor price matching requests will be granted if the prices are current, dated and nationally advertised.  The following exceptions are applicable:

  • All conditions on competitor’s ad will apply (i.e. limited quantities, special purchases.)
  • Items to be price matched must be an exact match (i.e. color, pattern, model size, and year.)
  • Bass Pro Shops will not honor prices on closeouts, clearance items, inventory reductions, special buys, discontinued, or reconditioned merchandise.
  • Website prices will only be honored from established retail companies that are open to the public and have a physical address.
  • We will not honor competitor’s coupons (i.e. $60 off $100 order, 25% off order, etc)
  • Bass Pro Shops will not honor supply companies, wholesale, clearance outlets, manufacturer’s sales or membership clubs (Sam’s, Costco)
  • We will not match private label merchandise.
  • We will not honor “buy one, get one free” offers.
  • We will not honor free bonus offers.
  • We will not honor rebates.
  • We will not backorder any out-of-stock item.
  • We will not honor any reduced or free shipping offers.
  • Publication errors of any kind will not be matched.
  • All price matches must be verifiable; a verifiable copy of the ad, complete with store name, sale dates, and model number of item must be faxed (417-873-5060) or mailed to us-Bass Pro Shops, Attn: Customer Service, 2500 E Kearney, Springfield, MO 65898
  • Price match requests on completed purchases may also be emailed to [email protected]  Please include a screenshot of the item or the URL (web address) where the item was located.  This can be done in lieu of submitting via fax/mail.
  • Request for price match must be received prior to end of competitor’s sale.
  • Orders can be price matched within 30 days of purchase.

All price matches are subject to approval.”

Final Thoughts

With all of the competition out there today, especially with online shopping and being able to easily find the best deals anywhere in the world, it’s extremely important that businesses offer to match these competitors prices. I’m glad to see that Bass Pro Shop price does this.

Have you ever tried price matching with Bass Pro Shop? How was your experience with them? Was it easy to do? Did you get the price you wanted? Shoot me a message and I’d love to add your experience to this post so others can know what to expect.

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