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Best Tackle Bag For Saltwater | Stay Organized! (Top 3 With Reviews)

Stay Organized While Fishing The Salt With These Tackle Bags (Top 3 With Reviews)

Keeping your fishing tackle well organized is essential to a relaxing and fun day out fishing. Selecting a saltwater fishing tackle box or tackle bag can be daunting with the amount of product on the market. We are trying to help you make this decision by educating you on some of the features available on certain fishing tackle bags on the market and the features you should be looking out for to gain an optimally performing tackle storage system for you. 

Now lets start of by diving into  three very different tackle storage systems great for saltwater fishing. After that take a look at how to best make your decision on a saltwater tackle box for you.

The Best Saltwater Tackle Bags (Quick List)

(Reviews) Best Tackle Bag For Saltwater Fishing

1. KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags (Top Pick)

best saltwater tackle bag for fishing

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This saltwater tackle bag by KastKing is built with the avid saltwater angler in mind. Organize and manage your fishing gear in style and elegance with this die-hard tackle bag that’s perfect for saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing alike.


This soft sided tackle bag is made from durable ripstop 420D nylon that has not only been treated to be water resistant,  but also has an inner PVC lining to really keep the contents safe and away from corrosive saltwater. Even better, the molded hard plastic bottom ensures a total waterproof design for the bottom of your bag when it is sitting in water or mud, which is almost always the case, no? 

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags,Extra-Large Hawg (Without Trays, 26.4x11x15.4 Inches)

Tons Of Storage

Open up the water resistant zipper to a wealth of room inside that can be further organized with removable velcro dividers. The bag is available in three different sizes. The largest being able to hold up to 12 large lure boxes (3700) in the main compartment and 5 smaller ones (3600) in the side. Thats 17 tackle trays total that can fit in the XL size! However, please note that these lure boxes are sold separately. You can pick up these tackle boxes over on Amazon right here.

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags,Extra-Large Hawg (Without Trays, 26.4x11x15.4 Inches)

Additional Features

Great features of this tackle bag include a variety of general pockets, specific pockets, and a carrying strap to get to and from your fishing hole. The rubber loop zipper pulls make finding and using zippers easy. You will appreciate the diversity of pockets to customize your fishing setup.

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags,Extra-Large Hawg (Without Trays, 26.4x11x15.4 Inches)


  • Multiple sizes available (Medium – Large – XL)
  • Hard molded bottom on water resistant fabric upper
  • Can be a multi-use travel or gear bag


  • Lure Boxes sold separately

Bottom Line

This bag packs a ton into a fairly unassuming package. This high capacity tackle bag is a do-it-all bag for all sorts of freshwater or saltwater fishing. Featuring a plethora of water-repelling features, high capacity storage, and additional features; this bag comes with lots of high review ratings. For an ultimate do-it-all tackle bag for saltwater angling, give this bag a serious look. Best yet, you can dial in your perfect size for you needs with three different bag sizes available.

You can read more about the Kastking Saltwater Tackle Bag as well as read more user reviews over on Amazon. Learn More On

2. Okuma Nomad Travel Series Tackle Rolling Deck Bag

best rolling tackle box for saltwater fishing

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The Okuma Nomad Travel series is a big high capacity rolling deck bag that is basically the big Pontiac wagon of tackle bags. Want to take all your gear and have it easy to transport out on the ocean pier or on the fishing boat? Say no more with this high capacity rolling tackle bag by Okuma. 

A High Capacity Saltwater Tackle Bag

This big tackle bag measures about 18 x 18 x 9 inches and features two wheels and an extending handle to make rolling it around easy. This blue bag features high grade 600 denier ripstop polyester with PVC coating to keep the contents dry.

Okuma Nomad Travel Series Tackle Rolling Deck Bag

Bonus! Plastic Tackle Trays Are Included

The bag features two openings. One top zippered opening to access open divided storage up top. On the back side of the bag the zippers undo a fold down door to access horizontally stacked and organized tackle trays. Three 3700 tackle trays and one deep 3730 tackle tray which come included with the bag! Both zippered access doors feature additional mesh storage on the inner sides. 

Additional Features

An additional feature of this bag is the included vertical rod holders situated on the sides of the bag. Making bringing one or four rods to your fishing spot as easy as can be.


  • Wheels and Retractable handle for easy hard ground transport
  • Tackle Trays included (3) 3700 shallow size and (1) 3730 deep size
  • Four vertical fishing rod holders


  • Cumbersome and difficult to carry. Most effective on hard-ground
  • May not be suited to anglers who don’t fish boats or piers

Bottom Line

This is a high capacity bag best suited for fishing off of piers, paved shorelines, fishing boats, or charter boats. It is larger and more cumbersome to carry than some other bags, hence the wheels. If your fishing style is well suited to a large wheeled bag, you may very much appreciate the high capacity, ease of access to contents, and ease of transport of this Okuma bag.

You can read more about the Okuma Nomad Travel Saltwater Tackle Box as well as read more user reviews over on Amazon. Learn More On

3. Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack

best backpack style fishing bag for saltwater

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For a slightly more mobile and alternative tackle bag style, check out the Blackmoon Fishing Backpack made by Shimano. The Blackmoon Backpack was designed for anglers who walk to their fishing hole in mind by allowing you to carry your tackle bag like a backpack with thick padded shoulder straps.

SHIMANO Blackmoon Fishing Backpack, Medium

Made from durable heavy duty textured fabric, you can count on some good hard use out of this one. To access your gear, the bag has a number of interesting features. The tackle trays (2 included), are best stored in a horizontal stacked positions accessed from the zip down door on the lower back half of the pack. The bag also features two side zip storage pouches and zippered storage above the tackle tray compartment. 

SHIMANO Blackmoon Fishing Backpack, Medium

One of the side storage pouches features a unique way to hold spools of fishing line and allow it to be fed through small grommets for quick and easy access outside. With multiple additional small outer pockets and plier holding straps, you can find a spot for just about all your fishing gear and have an easy way to carry it to your fishing hole. 


  • Easy to Transport Backpack design
  • Includes 2 tackle trays and Rain Cover
  • Easy access line holders


  • More tackle trays needed to fill storage compartment
  • No hard-molded waterproof bottom

Bottom Line

For anglers who spend lots of time on foot moving to, from, or between sites; you will appreciate this easy to transport bag. Forget the slung-over-the-shoulder awkward carry or the old bookbag your are substituting in for a fishing bag. Be done with it all and get this easy to carry fishing tackle backpack with active anglers in mind. 

You can read more about the Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack as well as see more user reviews on

What To Look For In A Saltwater Tackle Box

  • Water Resiliency is an important feature for a tackle box or bag that may house important components such as electronic devices or fishing licenses at times. If this is an important feature for you, look for things such as: hard molded bottom, PVC inner lining, special fabric coatings. While most bags and boxes are not 100% waterproof, most have features such as these to help keep contents dry. 


  • Amount of Storage is certainly a personal choice when it comes to selecting the best saltwater tackle bag or box for your specific needs. Consider the type of fishing you will be doing, the amount of gear you own, and the amount of gear you want to be able to bring out with you. This is going to be highly dependent on the type of fishing you do and how long you may be out there. Be sure to think about storage for non-fishing related items such as: clothes, water, food, etc. 


  • Rod Holders are a feature on many tackle bags and boxes, particularly on gear for saltwater or surf fishing. If you are known for bringing your whole fleet of rods to the fishing hole, having vertical storage tubes on your box or bag will make your life a whole lot easier while your out their fiddling between setups.


  • Ease of Transport is an important factor to consider that is going to depend on your style of fishing. If you are mainly fishing boats, piers, and docks; a big rolling tackle bag will be a great companion. However, if you start lugging a big rolling bag over rock rip-rap to get to your favorite fishing hole, you may regret your decision. Consider a shoulder carry or backpack style saltwater tackle bag if your fishing adventures takes you a little more “off the beaten path” at times. 


Expert Trick – Seal those Zippers!

If you want to make sure your bag continues to repel water through multiple seasons of fishing, consider keeping an eye on some of the weak points. The main of which is the multiple zippers often present on tackle bags. These zippers, even when rubber coated and water-resilient; can let in water after prolonged use or exposure.  Treating zippers with silicone once or twice a year with DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant should solve most zipper leaking problems on saltwater tackle bags. 

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right saltwater tackle bag or box for your fishing can make your time much easier and more enjoyable. Having a selection of well-organized and easy to access gear makes your time out that much more efficient. Whether you want a big rolling bag to help carve out some elbow room on a saltwater charter fishing trip, or a backpack style tackle bag to hike out across the rocky rip-rap to your favorite casting rock; we have checked out a few tackle bags we think can work for you. 

But if you’re going to choose only one, check out the KastKing Tackle Bags. These are the saltwater tackle bags that I believe are the the best money can buy. 

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