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The Best Trolling MOTOR MOUNT For Your CANOE (Reviews For 2019)

canoe motor mount reviews

The Best Trolling Motor Mount For Your Canoe

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All of us want to get to our favorite fishing spots as fast as we can and get our lines in the water immediately.  Paddling a canoe will get you there, but it doesn’t always get you there as fast as you’d like.

So what can you do to get there even faster?  Or better yet, what can you do to free up our hands so you can use them for casting and reeling as opposed to paddling?  The answer, simply put, is to use an electric trolling motor.

A canoe motor?  Yep. Didn’t realize it’s a thing?  Then you may want to check out my recent post, The Best Electric Trolling Motor For Your Canoe Or Kayak.

However, the only issue with using a canoe trolling motor is knowing where to put it.  Some canoes have a flat transom that are designed to mount a trolling motor on. But as you know, most canoes come to a point at both ends.  

So what can you do? Where do you mount a trolling motor on a canoe?

In this article, I’m going to go over in detail the most popular canoe motor mount options you can buy as well as explain how to mount a trolling motor on your canoe, and even show you where you can go to learn how to build your own canoe motor mount.

The Best Canoe Motor Mount (Reviews)


1. Old Town Canoe Motor Mount 

The Old Town Canoe Motor Mount is one of the most popular canoe motor mounts available.  Old Town is the world’s oldest, largest and most revered manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. And out of that long history of canoe building experience comes their high quality canoe motor mount.

The Old Town motor mount for canoes is designed for the use of both electric canoe trolling motors as well as small gas engines on any Old Town canoe.  The entire mount is constructed out of heavy duty aluminum and is capable of holding up to a 3HP sized motor.

The Old Town motor mount bracket is easily fastened to the gunwale (side) of your canoe without the need of tools.  Simply fasten the oversized, easy grip tightening knobs and secure the brackets with just your hands.

Even though the Old Town Canoe Motor Mount is specifically designed for Old Town canoes, the motor bracket can be used on other brands of canoes as well.  

2. Old Town Side Saddle Canoe Motor Mount

It’s no surprise that Old Town occupies the top two positions on this canoe motor mount review post.  With over 100 years of experience, Old Town has proven that its products are of high quality and are built to last.

The Old Town Side Saddle canoe motor mount was designed with ergonomics in mind. The mount placement moves the electric or gas motor to the side of the canoe, which makes it a much more comfortable ride while operating the canoe’s motor while facing forward. It’s also a great choice for all anglers since it can be used for both left handed and right handed operation.

The well constructed heavy duty, rust-free aluminum motor bracket can hold engines up to 3 HP.  The trolling motor bracket itself is constructed out of durable hardwood which ensures a nice and solid flat area for the motor to mount to.

Installation of this canoe trolling motor mount is quick and easy. No tools are required and both attaching and removing the bracket can be done with your bare hands.

Some users of this specific motor mount have used trolling motors up to 50 lbs of thrust and have loved it.  However, you should also know that some canoes that are made out of plastic, and have sides that are not very sturdy, may bend just a little under the thrust of a side mount canoe motor bracket.

Note that this canoe trolling motor mount does not fit wood-trimmed canoes.

3. TOP Satisfied Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

The Top Satisfied canoe trolling motor mount is also constructed out of rust free aluminum as and solid ash hardwood.  With that kind of material, this trolling motor mount will last for years.

This specific model is designed to attach to the rear of the canoe as the sides come together, and therefore would require you to reach behind you to operate the trolling motor. The ergonomics of rear mounted canoe motors should be given some thought and compared to the ergonomics of side mounted trolling motors.

Each side of the aluminum motor mount is pre-drilled to allow for various sized canoes. The canoe motor mount attaches very quickly and easily without the need for tools.

The specs of this canoe motor mount don’t give a maximum motor size, but I would not exceed a 3 HP gas motor or a 50 to 55 lb thrust electric trolling motor, which seems to be the maximum limit on most descent canoe trolling motor mounts.

4. Grumman Canoe Motor Mount

This canoe trolling motor mount is designed to fit on most Grumman canoes.  However, it does not fit on the Eagle canoe.

Very well constructed, this trolling motor mount is one of the best built and most durable canoe motor mounts that you’ll ever come across.

The motor mount easily attaches to the rear of the canoe with a couple of hand adjustable  brackets. You should note, however that the mount itself is at an angle (30 to 45 degrees and is not adjustable), and is not positioned perpendicular to the canoe.  Because of this non-adjustable angle of the mount, some users of have mentioned that their adjustable trolling motor is only useable in the very last position. So this should be taken into consideration if you want to use this mount.

Build Your Own Canoe Motor Mount

Not able to find a motor mount that fits your canoe, or just want to take on the project of a diy canoe motor mount?  Well, as you can probably imagine, it’s not too difficult to fabricate your own from scratch. Fact is, you probably already have all the materials you need to build one.

If that’s the route you think you might want to go, then you should check out this post on  They provide a set of detailed instructions on building your own canoe motor mount.

For even more information, these videos are also a great resource for building your own canoe motor mount.


Whether you buy one of the canoe trolling motor mounts for sale that were reviewed in this post, or end up building your own, you won’t ever regret owning one.  

A trolling motor on your canoe will be a game changer.  You’ll not only be able to get to your fishing spot a lot faster, but you’ll have even more time to fish once you get there.

Have you been using a motor mount on your canoe?  Which one did you buy, or did you build your own?

Leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear what you’re using.  

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