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The 5 Best Braided Fishing Line For Spinning Reels

(Top Pick) 

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

PowerPro Spectra Braided Fishing Line 300 Yards
  • Incredibly round, smooth and sensitive line
  • Enhanced body technology (bet) boosts handling performance
  • Constructed with spectra fiber for incredible abrasion resistance
  • High strength-to-diameter ratio
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02/18/2024 04:09 am GMT

If your not using this line when fishing, I can honestly say that you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage!  Here’s what I like about PowerPro Spectra Fiber braided fishing line:

  • Holds it’s true round shape and never flattens.
  • Perfect for jigging, casting, trolling and big game fishing.
  • Great choice for both freshwater and saltwater applications.
  • Extremely resistant to fraying.

Braided fishing lines that are available now can be used on virtually any reel. Many folks believe that braided line works best on baitcaster reels.  

Personally, I like spinning reels, and haven’t had an issue at all with using braided line on spinning reels.

Since spinning reels are what I use, I wanted to share with you what I’ve found to be the best braided fishing line for spinning reels, and honestly, any other reel out there.

In this post, I’m starting by sharing with you reviews of the 5 best braided fishing lines for spinning reels and baitcasting reels.  

But don’t stop there, because after that, I share with you some valuable tips for using braided fishing line. Believe it or not, it’s not the same as monofilament. So you’ll want to know the differences.

Finally, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about using with braided fishing line. And as a bonus, I’ll tell you what I believe to be the brand of braided line to stay away from.  Not all braided lines are created equal, so use this post to familiarize yourself with the different qualities of each brand of line.

So, let’s Get Started!  

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Quick List Of The Best Braided Fishing Line

Best Braided Fishing Line Reviews

1. Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line (Top Pick)

PowerPro Spectra Braided Fishing Line 300 Yards
  • Incredibly round, smooth and sensitive line
  • Enhanced body technology (bet) boosts handling performance
  • Constructed with spectra fiber for incredible abrasion resistance
  • High strength-to-diameter ratio
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 04:09 am GMT

The first time I ever used braided fishing line was to haul up a 45 pound halibut from about 200 feet of water near Petersburg, Alaska.  I was with a guide, and was using his fishing equipment. And the braided fishing line that happened to be on the reel that day was Power Pro Spectra Fiber braided fishing line.  

I’ve been a fan of the stuff ever since.  I’ve fished with other brands of braided line, but I’ve had a long relationship with Power Pro, and that’s why I recommend them as the best braided fishing line for spinning reels and baitcasting reels alike.

Here’s why I like Power Pro Spectra so much.

Power Pro uses the exclusive Enhanced Body Technology which provides a rounder, smoother and structurally superior ultra-strong braided fishing line.  All of this makes this not only the best braided fishing line for spinning reels, but the best braided line for jigging, casting, trolling and big game fishing.

Power Pro braided line tends to last longer than the other brands because it does such a great job at not fraying.  Frayed line is an issue that occurs with all braided lines, but this one just has the ability to outperform all the others when it comes to preventing fraying.

Power Pro Spectra works great in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. And because its so strong and resistant to fraying, it makes the perfect fishing line for jetty fishing or fishing off the dock, where sharp rocks and barnacles would typically cut your line in a flash.  Where other lines fail…this braided fishing line holds up!

In addition to lasting longer, which means less respooling, Power Pro Spectra braided lines have excellent castability.  Which is what it’s all about, right? There are some brands of braided line that tend to “flatten” out over time, which makes accurate casting almost impossible.

Power Pro braided line holds it’s true round shape and never flattens and is very thin in diameter when compared to other brands which means less drag when casting as well as in the water.  This is especially true when compared to monofilament fishing line (see diameter chart below).

From the Power Pro Website: “It begins with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, which is treated with the Enhanced Body Technology to create an incredibly round, smooth and sensitive line….Try PowerPro on your next fishing trip, and see for yourself why it’s every angler’s dream – and every fish’s nightmare! The workhorse of the PowerPro line-up. Value priced, and a great performing all around low stretch line.”

If your not using this line when fishing, I can honestly say that you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage!

Power Pro Spectra Specs:

Line Type: Braided

Colors Offered: Moss Green, Hi-Vis Yellow , Vermilion Red , White

Fishing Line Description: The workhorse of the Power Pro line-up. Value priced, and a great performing all around low stretch line.

Pound Test Available: 3 – 250 lb

2. Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braid

Sufix 832 Braid 150 yards
  • Ultimate Abrasion Resistance
  • Unbeatable Strength
  • Proven Castability Improvements
  • TGPTechnology Enhances Color Retention
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02/18/2024 04:41 am GMT

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline® is one of the strongest, longest lasting small diameter braided fishing line that’s out there and in my opinion is one of the best braided fishing lines for spinning reels due to its small diameter and its ability to sink.

Sufix 832 features R8 precision braiding and fiber technology which provides unbeatable strength, roundness and line consistency.

It also features the new patent-pending construction of 8 fibers and 32 weaves per inch!

Constructed with GORE Performance Fibers which help improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance, casting accuracy as well as reducing fishing line vibration.  It’s also these GORE fibers that give sufix its ability to sink, where most other braided lines will float.

HMPE Dyneema fibers provide incredible strength, sensitivity, hydrophobic water repellent protection and plays a significant role in this braided lines small diameter.

Sufix 832 Advanced works excellent in both freshwater and saltwater and is durable, castable and strong in both types of water.

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Specs:

Line Type: Braided

Colors Offered: Camo, Ghost, Hi-Vis Yellow, Low-Vis Green, Neon Lime

Fishing Line Description: The strongest, most durable small diameter braid.

Pound Test Available: 6 – 99 lbs

3. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line - 327 Yds
  • Strong knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Greater abrasion resistance
  • Ultra-high sensitivity & Zero stretch
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02/18/2024 12:11 am GMT

KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line is another excellent choice for all kinds of fishing reels. Their braided fishing line is specifically designed for increased casting distance and durability thanks to the lines small diameter.

There’s no  longer a need to be concerned about excessive fraying or line breakage with this braided line. KastKing SuperPower MultiTuf PE Line Braid is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene braid fiber, which also happens to be the same durable fiber that bullet proof vests are made out of.

KastKing SuperPower line is available in many different test strengths ranging from 10 all the way up to 150 lb test. Most of their braided lines are made out of 4 individual strands, while the higher test line (65 to 150 lb test) is made out of 8 strands.

KastKing SuperPower braided line is also designed to resist fading.  Which is great, because there are many colors to choose from with this line, such as grey, green, multicolor, blue, white, pink and yellow.

KastKing SuperPower makes a great choice for every fisherman, whether you’re fishing freshwater, saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing, trout fishing or bass fishing.

KastKing SuperPower Specs

Line Type: Braided

Colors Offered: grey, green, multicolor, blue, white, pink and yellow.

Fishing Line Description: High sensitivity; Supple Texture & Precise Lure Presentation; Highly Abrasion Resistant

Pound Test Available: 6-150 pounds

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4. Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

SpiderWire Stealth Superline Braid Fishing Line
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Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline is constructed for ultimate strength while at the same time providing the thinnest diameter in braided fishing lines.

SpiderWire Braided Stealth Superline braided fishing line delivers exactly what we want when we’re out on the water. That’s a smooth and quiet performance that gives us the edge we need to hook into that fish.

Like some of the other fishing lines reviewed on this list, Spiderwire is also made with Dyneema ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers.  As a result, these strong round fluoropolymer-treated fibers allow this fishing line to cast far and cast accurate.

A benefit of being made out of Dyneema fibers, is that this line will not stretch at all.  That means extra sensitivity to even the smallest of bites.

SpiderWire Braided Stealth Superline braided fishing line is available in a moss green color for low underwater visibility.

Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline Specs:

Line Type: Braided

Colors Offered: moss green 

Fishing Line Description: Color-Lock coating technology – casts farther, lasts longer

Pound Test Available: 6-100 lb

5. Piscifun Improved Braided Fishing Line

The braided fishing line created by Piscifun is another very popular choice for fisherman around the world. Piscifun is the go to fishing line for both freshwater and saltwater game fishermen.

What makes Piscifun improved braided fishing line so popular is its high resistance to abrasion and fraying, its’ incredible knot strength, its small diameter, zero stretch and precision braiding.

It’s Teflon coated which makes this one incredibly resistant to abrasions and frays and its zero stretch feature makes this line very sensitive with extremely low line memory.

Created for every angler in mind, Piscifun offers braided line from as low as 10 lb test all the way up to 150 lb test line. Lines that are 10 – 50 lb are made from 4 individual strands, while lines 65 – 150 lbs are made out of 8 powerful strands which offers more power when needed.

The small diameter of this line results in less drag, both in and out of the water. This means farther and more accurate casting as well as better knot strength.

Piscifun Braid offers the best variety of colors such as grey, green, multicolor, blue, white, pink and yellow to match any water conditions or fishing situations.

Piscifun Improved Braided Fishing Line Specs:

Line Type: Braided

Colors Offered: grey, green, multicolor, blue, white, pink and yellow

Fishing Line Description: Superior abrasion resistance and knot strength;Unparalleled smoothness and consistent roundness / backlashes free;Unmatched strength fiber material

Pound Test Available: 6-150 lb

What Is Braided Fishing Line?

Braided fishing line is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a fishing line that’s usually made out of 4 and often times 8 small strands of fiber. These individual fiber strands are usually coated in a water repellent material then braided together to form on single fishing line.

Braided fishing lines are known for their incredible strength in combination with their small diameters, especially compared to monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines.

In addition to being smaller and stronger, braided fishing line is also well known for its resistance to fraying. Braided lines will typically last much longer than mono and fluoro line.

These characteristics are popular among fishermen because not only does it last longer, meaning less times having to respool, but it also mean not losing fish.

What sold me on braided fishing line was it’s incredible strength. I was able to pull on that line against a 45 lb halibut with all my strength and not worry about the line breaking.  To a young me, that was revolutionary!

Braided vs monofilament Fishing Line

The biggest difference between braided and monofilament fishing line is the diameter.  If you were to compare side by side, the diameter of braided and mono lines of the same tensile strength, you would see that the braided line is ⅓ to ¼ the diameter of the mono line.

Another difference between monofilament and braided line is the amount of drag they create.  With the smaller diameter, braided line can be cast much further than mono line.

The same holds true in the water.  Braided line creates much less drag. This is a huge benefit when you’re fishing in currents.  Braided line won’t drift near as much as mono.

Compared to monofilament line, braided line is much more resistant to fraying and breaking.  Traditional fishing line, like mono, will easily fray when rubbed against sharp objects like brush, rocks, barnacles or even fish teeth and scales.

But braided line allows fishermen to access and fish areas that have been off limits with mono and fluoro lines. For example, when I’m bass fishing with braided line, I don’t worry quite as much when a fish takes my line into a submerged branch.  

The same holds true on my jetty fishing trips.  Barnacle covered rocks will still fray and cut a braided line, but not as easy as it would a monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

Braided Fishing Line Pros and Cons


  • Strength
  • Small diameter
  • Little or no stretch
  • Flexible
  • Cast long distances


  • Highly visible in the water to you and to the fish
  • Traditional knots may not work. Must learn new knots that work well for braided line.

Braided Fishing Line Diameter

Braided lines often times are 1/3 to 1/4 the diameter of monofilament or fluorocarbon type fishing lines. The biggest benefit of this, in my opinion, is the ability to fit more braided fishing line on your spool than you could with monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

As you can imagine, this is a huge benefit for deep sea anglers since reels don’t have to be very big to accommodate long lines. And in some cases, like halibut fishing, you might have to go as deep as 300 feet to find bottom.

Another advantage of the small diameter of braided line is that it provides less resistance to constantly moving sea currents.

Tips For Fishing With Braided Line

  • If fishing off of piers or other areas that are highly populated with other fishermen, use high visibility braided line. This will allow you to keep track of where your line is and help make sure you don’t get tangled up with other peoples lines.
  • Don’t overload the spool on your spinning reel. If you add too much braided line, loops will slide up and off the spool and create a frustrating rats nest. I’ve done this and it forces me to remove several yards of line and retie.
  • Although you will probably want to tie on a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader, you don’t always have to. I’ve hooked into plenty of fish tying directly onto the braided line.
  • If worried about the color fading on your braided fishing line, then remove all the line and respool it from the other end. The faded line will be next to the spool, and the fresh line will be exposed on the outside of the spinning reel spool.
  • When cutting braided line to tie new lures, it’s best to use a sharp pair of scissors rather than a nail clipper. The clipper will leave frayed ends because of the multi-stranded braided line. A clean cut is possible with sharp scissors.

Best Kinds Of Fishing Knots For Braided Fishing Line

Some of the typical knots that you’re used to tying with monofilament or fluorocarbon may not hold very well with braided line. This is because braided line is more flexible, doesn’t stretch and has a more slippery surface than mono line. Here is a list of other knots that work well with braided fishing line.  

1. Palomar Knot

Uses: The Palomar Knot is a simple knot for attaching a line to a hook, or a fly to a leader or tippet. It is regarded as one of the strongest and most reliable fishing knots.

Advantages: It is recommended for use with braided lines. With a little practice the Palomar is a knot that can be tied in the dark.

Disadvantages: When tying this knot, the fly or hook has to pass through the loop, which can be awkward and necessitates making the loop large enough.

2. San Diego Jam Knot

Uses: The San Diego Jam Knot is also known as the Reverse Clinch Knot and as the Heiliger Knot. It was popularized in San Diego particularly with long-range tuna fisherman. It is reasonably easy to tie at sea and is suitable for monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon lines.Strength: Comparison testing suggests that the San Diego Jam Knot probably retains the strength of the line better than most knots.Advantages: It is relatively easy to learn and to tie – even in adverse conditions.

3. Trilene knot

Uses: The Trilene Knot is a strong and reliable knot to join monofilament line to hooks, swivels and lures. It resists slippage and failures and is an excellent and stronger alternative to the Clinch Knot.Advantages: The double wrap of line through the eye takes some of the strain and may be responsible for claims that this knot retains a high proportion of ideal line strength. This is more likely when the thickness of the eye is greater than the line diameter.

4. Albright knot

Uses: The Albright Knot is a versatile knot that has a wide range of uses. It is only moderately easy to tie but it is suitable for joining different types of fishing line, e.g., monofilament to Braided, or Braided to Wire.

It is also useful when joining monofilaments with markedly different diameters. It is commonly used to join the fly line to the backing line but can be used whenever you wish to join two fishing lines together.

Advantages: The Albright is well suited to slide readily through the guides when a fish pulls out enough line to reach your backing. Some anglers coat the knot with a rubber-based cement to make it even smoother and more secure.

Braided Fishing Line FAQ

1. Does braided fishing line float?

According to Sufix, ll Dyneema or Spectra braided lines will float because the fibres from which they are braided naturally float. However, various manufacturers have developed ways of making their lines sink. For example, Sufix uses  Gore fibres in the manufacturing of their fishing line to make it sink.  

2. Does braided fishing line rot or go bad over time?

The nice thing about braided line, is that it’s so strong. A spool full of quality braided line should last for a number of years. There’s no reason to believe that braided line will rot or go bad.  You may run into memory issues if its not been used for a long period of time, but those are quickly resolved.

3. How long does braided fishing line last?

It’s fairly common to talk to fishermen who use the same braided line on their spinning reels for up to 5 years.  To make the line last for 5 years however, you want to make sure that it’s being well taken care of. Don’t store it in high humid or locations where it gets hit by direct sunlight.

Brands Of Braided Fishing Line To Stay Away From

Berkley Pro braid. I don’t typically like to knock brands, but I just want to give a warning if you choose to buy this brand.

This braided line will work just fine at first, but many people have reported that it tends to lose its round shape fairly quickly.  

When a braided line flattens out like this, and loses its cylindrical shape, it can become an absolute nightmare to cast.  As you can imagine, the flattened line creates a lot of drag which prevents the line from traveling through the air.

If you use this brand, just take note that it can flatten on you.


So, what is the best braided fishing line? In my opinion, the best braided line is Power Pro Spectra.  Although, you can’t go wrong using any of the 5 braided fishing lines that were reviewed in this post.

PowerPro Spectra Braided Fishing Line 300 Yards
  • Incredibly round, smooth and sensitive line
  • Enhanced body technology (bet) boosts handling performance
  • Constructed with spectra fiber for incredible abrasion resistance
  • High strength-to-diameter ratio
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 04:09 am GMT

If you haven’t used braided fishing line before, give it a try. The next time you need to respool your reel, pick up braided line instead of mono or fluoro and give it a shot.  I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

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