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10 Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas ([year])

There are an endless number of bass fishing locations to be found across the state of Texas. In this article I’m narrowing all of them down to the top 10 best bass fishing lakes in Texas.

best bass fishing lake in texas

Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the bass fishing. The State has many excellent bass fishing locations and is home to a variety of bass species. I have selected the following locations for their reputation of producing great action for all skill levels.

Take a look at the 10 best bass fishing lakes in Texas I revealed below and let me know if you think there’s another one that should be added.

1. Lake O’ the Pines

Lake O the Pines Texas bass fishing lake

This body of water is regarded as one of East Texas’ best bass fishing locations. While many species of fish are found here, the lake is known for White Bass, which are native to the Cypress basin. An abundant population of Large Mouth Bass is housed here as well.

Spotted Bass can be found here as well, but not in the numbers associated with their cousins that share the lake.

This destination is great for longer trips, as there are plenty of camping sites available here.

2. Lake Fork

Texas bass fishing

Since it was first impounded in 1980, Lake Fork has been developed into a go-to location for big fish. With stringent bagging limits and a healthy supply of Florida strain bass, this lake is known for monster Large Mouth.

Over 65-percent of the largest Texas catches (including the State record) have been pulled from these waters.

Many anglers find success near the many points across Lake Fork and there are many locations with excellent underwater structures. Submerged trees are found everywhere, but you will want to exercise caution when navigating this body of water.

3. Lake Texoma

This is one of the State’s most popular angling destinations due to the variety of fish found here. I selected this entry for those looking to fish for Small Mouth Bass. While it receives nearly six million visitors annually, the lake is not overfished and can produce decent sized fish.

Keep in mind, however, that only one-third of the lake is located in Texas. If you plan to fish the Oklahoma side of the reservoir, you will need to acquire a license from that state to avoid illegal catches.

4. Alan Henry Reservoir

I have included this body of water for fans of the Spotted Bass. Two things stand out about Alan Henry.

First off, it provides excellent public access and includes docks as well as a fishing pier. Great parking and plenty of public restrooms are found here.

Secondly, this lake also contains the State’s only Alabama Bass species, a new variety of Black Bass. This fish can hit hard and is fun to fight. They can be hard to tell apart from their Spotted cousins without genetically testing them.

5. Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan texas bass fishing lake

If you are looking for Striped Bass, Lake Buchanan is a great location to put on your list. Fish and Game stock this body of water regularly, something that will keep you busy throughout the day. Some of these fish can reach larger sizes quickly.

A nice population of White and Largemouth Bass is also available if your bass fishing interest lies elsewhere. Annual spawns for both Striped and White Bass begin in February in these waters, which are located on the Colorado River, and I would recommend this time of year for some great action.

6. Lake Palestine

While this lake is notorious for its trophy-sized catfish, it is also a nice White Bass fishery. With numerous fingers and ample submerged structure, bass fishermen will be kept busy with Largemouth and Spotted species as well.

This lake has an incredible amount of public access points, making it easy to position yourself across the lake. It has five boat ramps and multiple marinas for boaters.

It also has plenty of public restrooms as well as a nice picnic area. These features make it a family-friendly location.

7. Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Sam Rayburn Reservoir bass fishing lake in texas

While many anglers consider Yellow Bass as a smaller nuisance fish, this species can be fun to catch and make great pan-sized fillets. This reservoir is on the Yellow Bass stocking list for Texas and generates lots of action.

These fish tend to travel in larger schools, so once you locate them, you have the opportunity to catch a lot. The water can get as deep as 80 feet and the fish are active throughout the year.

Concession areas and multiple parks offer visitors a break from the water also.

8. Meredith Reservoir

best lake fishing for bass in texas

One thing that stands out about Meredith is its structure. Positioned on the Canadian River, it is known for a rocky and steep terrain structure. This is in contrast to most of the shallow bodies of water with silty bottoms in Texas.

Due to this structure, a diverse range of fish is found here. Decent sized Small Mouth can range up to four pounds. The reservoir is also home to Large Mouth and White Bass.

Due to the terrain, Meredith offers the best angling from a boat.

9. Falcon International Reservoir

This is the main reservoir located on the Rio Grande River. It is considered one of the best Largemouth Bass fisheries in southern Texas.

I find the variety of water structure to offer great opportunities. There are many channels located around Falcon International that offer prime space for bank fishing. The underwater vegetation is lush and water depth goes from shallows to over 100 feet near the damn.

The tributaries may not hold as much larger fish as other bodies of water do, but this reservoir makes up for size with sheer numbers.

10. Belton Lake

bass fishing Belton lake Texas

Since there introduction in 1977, this body of water has become known for its population of Hybrid Striped Bass. Fishing along the bottom with live baits, as well as trolling with jigs and crankbaits will generate solid strikes. These fish travel in schools, so you will stay busy once you find them.

There is also a population of Large Mouth Bass here that produce good results during parts of the year. Fishing creeks or coves between the end of February through April, when the Largemouth are spawning, is your best chance at a nicely-sized fish. You will have less success after this.

Written by Don

When I'm not bass fishing or looking for steelhead in my home state of Oregon I can be found working on house projects dreaming of my next fishing adventure.

I started this website to share just some of the things I've learned along my fishing journey, and the many things I'm still learning. Enjoy!

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