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Where Are Lew’s Rods Made? (A Look At Lew’s Fishing)

Lew’s has made numerous contributions to high-quality fishing reels, such as large and small spool spinning reels, aluminum oxide guides, the ‘Power Up’ drag system, and the V-shaped casting spool. Today, the company adheres to its founding principles of creating faster, stronger, and lighter rods and reels.

Where Are Lew’s Rods Made?

The majority of Lew’s fishing rods are made in one of a number of facilities in China or Korea. With only a few exceptions on the more expensive high end rods.

where are lews rods made

About Lew’s Fishing

Lew’s Fishing, founded in 1949 by Lew Childre, rose to prominence by designing high-end fishing rods.

The company’s products quickly became fishing staples for amateurs and professionals alike, with the Speed Stick graphite casting rod serving as their signature model.

Over the next 40 years, during which the Childre family licensed the brand, the family-run business made countless significant contributions that forever altered the face of recreational sport fishing.

Although there have been many changes made over the years, the company still adheres to the original principles of developing innovative products that are faster, stronger, and lighter.


Lew’s has always created products that make notable impacts in the fishing industry, which is the fundamental premise on which the company was founded.

The Speed Spool reel was created in 1973 by the company using high-quality components and an innovative teardrop design.

This low-profile model then outperformed the more commonly used round-profile units admirably. Furthermore, the company won the ‘Best Rod and Reel Combo’ award at the 2019 ICAST show for the sixth time in a row.


Lew’s has made countless advances that have significantly influenced recreational sport fishing. It also sells aluminum oxide guides, Speed Sticker worm hooks, Fuji FPS reel seats, single-foot guide frames, unique spinning rod handles, Magic Carpet trolling motors, and V-shaped casting spools, in addition to the Speed Spool and Speed Stick.

Who Owns Lew’s Fishing?

Lew’s Fishing is owned by BDT Capital Partners. In 2019, Lew’s Holdings Corporation (Lew’s Fishing) announced that the company had partnered with BDT Capital Partners, a merchant bank that provides long-term, differentiated capital to family- and founder-led businesses.

Lew’s remains headquartered in Lexington, South Carolina, and continues to be led by CEO Ken Eubanks.

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