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Carp Fishing In Hot Weather (Summer Carp Fishing Tips)

Carp Fishing In Hot Weather (Summer Carp Fishing Tips)

tips and techniques for catching carp in the summer

Summer carp are usually a little more difficult to catch than spring or fall carp. They’re not as difficult as winter carp, but they do require special tactics. If you want to catch more summer carp, you’ll want to follow the advice in this post.

Hot Weather Carp Fishing Tips

Spot The Fish With Your Eyes

Carp are some of the easiest fish to spot in North America. They often come up from the water to suck in food, and they look like ugly whales flopping around in murky water. If you’re not using that to you’re advantage, you’re just hampering your own progress.

Just take the time to walk around your local fishing spot, and try to find fish that are gently breaching the surface. Carp don’t act like bass that are feeding on surface creatures. They sort of glide across the surface, and they occasionally smack their tail a bit. It’s really easy to tell them apart from other fish that are eating bugs and other creatures near the top.

Once you see a carp sucking in food, it’s time to cast in your line. The carp might not bite immediately, but it’ll still bite a lot faster than if you were to randomly chuck a boilie or a peanut butter ball into the water.

Fish At The Right Depth

Carp act a little weird during the summer. If you see them feeding near the top, it’s likely that they’re active, and the weather conditions are probably optimal. If they’re just suspending near the top, you should get ready to wait quite a while. That’s a sign that they’re feeling a bit lazy.

If you can’t see them, they’re likely cruising around at the bottom of the lake, and they’re extremely active. I don’t prefer to fish for carp on the bottom. I’ve grown too used to spotting them, and it feels weird to me. However, they are active, and all you have to do is chuck a sinking boilie in. Once the boilie is on the bottom, any carp that cruises by will suck it up like a prime rib.

Use Bread

If it’s legal in your area, try to chuck some bread into the water where carp are likely to be. Corn works well for this, too.

When you’re trying to spot carp, you’ll have an easier time if you simply throw a little bait into the water. The carp will come up to eat it if they’re nearby, and you’ll know exactly where to fish.

However, you have to be careful if you use this method. A lot of fisheries prohibit bait feeding, and you can get fined, or you can even face criminal charges depending on the state that you live in. To remain on the safe side of the legal fence, you’ll want to check all of your local bait feeding laws before you attempt to use this advice during your next fishing trip.

Consider The barometric pressure

The weather itself has a lot to do with where the carp are, but the barometric pressure is also important. On days that a lot of pressure is present, the carp will be on the top of the water column. On low-pressure days, the carp will be on the bottom.

You can purchase an outdoor watch to help you determine the barometric pressure, or you can purchase a fancy barometer. Either one will help you catch more fish. You can catch carp regardless of the air pressure, but knowing the pressure will help you locate them.

Don’t Waste Bait

Carp aren’t as active in the summer as they are in the fall and spring, but they still bite a lot. You still don’t want to waste bait, though.

When you’re carp fishing in the summer, you don’t want to use massive peanut butter balls or other giant baits with several hooks. You want to stick to single-hook baits that you won’t be disappointed by if they spoil before you get a bite.

I personally recommend purchasing smaller boilies, but corn and cherry tomatoes will work well, too. Any carp bait that you can ram a single hook through will work wonders.

The goal isn’t to lure tons of carp in. It’s to simply entice a bite. Once you know the carp are biting, you can switch to more expensive baits without worrying about losing your investment.

Stay Focused

In the spring and fall, you can afford to look around or socialize while you’re carp fishing. It’s not that easy in the summer. You have to be willing to focus on your fishing efforts.

Keep your eyes on the water. You don’t want to miss a breaching the only breaching carp of the day because you’re messing around do you? If you want to catch carp in the summer, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the water at all times.

Final Thoughts

Summer is usually when carp fishermen start tucking their poles away, but you can take advantage of that. It is definitely possible to catch carp in the summer, and it can actually be pretty efficient, too.

If you want to catch tons of carp, you’ll want to follow my advice in this article. Carp are pretty stubborn, but they will bite during the hottest months of the year.

How To Catch Carp In The Summer (VIDEO)

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