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Jetty Fishing Oregon: 3 Top Oregon Jetties To Fish From (Plus Tips)

Jetty Fishing In Oregon | Where To Go And What To Fish For

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Jetty fishing is easy, fun and fairly simple for anglers of all skill levels. Jetty fishing is also inexpensive which makes it a great way to introduce kids and new anglers to fishing.

Jetty fishing is becoming an increasingly popular way of fishing among anglers. And Oregon offers plenty of destinations if you decide you want to try your luck at this incredibly fun and exciting way of fishing.

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Many Species Of Fish To Catch

Jetty fishing in Oregon not only provides a lot of fun for anglers of all ages, but also provides a great way to catch all different species of saltwater fish without ever having to leave land. . Oregon jetties are home to many different species of saltwater fish that are not just exciting to catch, but make delicious table fare as well.

Some of the more popular types of saltwater fish you can catch off of Oregon jetties are:

  • greenling
  • cabezon
  • lingcod
  • sea bass
  • perch
  • Salmon
  • Other rock fish and much more!

All of these species of fish are drawn to the jetties in their never ending search for food and shelter. And since all of these different species of fish tend to congregate in essentially one location, that’s what makes Oregon jetty fishing so much fun.  There’s almost always fish to be caught while jetty fishing.

Popular Oregon Jetties For Fishing

There are many jetties spread along the Oregon coast line, but of all those jetty’s, there are 3 that are the most popular for fishing.

Yaquina Bay: Located in Newport, fishing is possible from both the North and South Jetty.  However, fishing the South jetty is much easier as there is a parking area on the jetty.  The North jetty requires a very long hike to reach.

Barview Jetty:  Located on the North side of Tillamook Bay.  Barview jetty is an exceptional location for catching lingcod in the spring.

Brookings Jetty: The South jetty in Brookings is also a popular jetty fishing location. About halfway from the beach to the tip of the jetty is a good place to start.  You can fish on both sides of the jetty and find fish, especially perch, on either side.

It’s More Than Just The Fishing

For years I have been casting my line into the Oregon coast wind in search of jetty residing fish. And I’ve experienced a lot of action and have caught a lot of fish.  But it’s not just catching fish that makes jetty fishing Oregon so much fun. 

The experience as a whole is what makes up Oregon jetty fishing…watching the commercial fishing and crabbing boats come and go, listening to the low siren of the fog horn and sharing a large rock with a curious seagull are all part of the jetty fishing Oregon experience.  And the best part…the incredible beauty of the Oregon coast.

But if you’re not familiar with the area, you might be wondering where to go.  Keep reading to find out, plus a few tips for your jetty fishing trip.

Oregon Jetty Fishing Tips

  1. Carry two fishing rods with you. I learned this one the hard way.  On one of my first trips out to the jetty, I slipped and broke the tip of my rod. I MacGyvered that rod into submission though and finished the day strong.  But since then, I’ve always carried two fishing rods with me. I broke another rod steelhead fishing, and didn’t have a backup, but that’s another story for another time.
  2. Use heavy, bright easy to see fishing line.  The beauty of jetty fishing is that you don’t have to use transparent line or worry about the fish noticing the little stuff.  Unlike fishing for trout or steelhead, jetty fish are aggressive and hungry fish. Once they see the bait, they either hit it or they don’t.  So use bright fishing line that will help you keep and eye on where your line is. You want to keep it tight, and out of the rocks.
  3. Talk to the local bait & tackle shops.  If you’re new to jetty fishing, then definitely do this. The guys running these bait shops know their stuff.  They’ve been around a long time and know exactly what’s going on out there day to day and at the least, week to week.

Safety Tips For Jetty Fishing Oregon

As fun and adventurous jetty fishing in oregon can be, it also comes with it’s own long list of dangers and hazards.  

If you’re planning on doing any jetty fishing along the Oregon coast line, please take a moment to read through this list of jetty fishing safety tips before heading out.

These jetty safety tips are from the awesome folks at Gunn & Hook.  You can check out their original article at Coastal Fishing: Five Jetty Safety Tips You Need to Know.

  1. Always be aware of the tides: When the tide comes in, the water can raise very quickly. Being caught out too far can make it very dangerous to get back in, especially if the rocks become submerged.
  2. Pay attention to the waves: A sudden wave, even in calm weather, can knock a person off balance or even into the water in an instant. Pay extra attention to any incoming storms while jetty fishing as the waves can increase in size and intensity very quickly.
  3. Wear proper footwear: The jetty rocks can become very slippery due to water and algae growth. Don’t rush while navigating the rocks and be sure you are wearing a shoe or boot that is made for walking on a slippery rock surface. Korkers boots with studded soles or other footwear with jetty cleats are great options.
  4. Wear a PFD: Falling into the water near the jetty can be extremely dangerous due to waves and strong currents. This can also make a rescue more difficult. Make sure you are always wearing a PFD to increase the chances of a safe recovery in case of a fall.
  5. Pay attention to crevasses: Some of the areas between the rocks can be fairly large and one misstep can lead to a nasty fall. Pay attention to where you step and if you are fishing at night, always have proper lighting.

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Jetty fishing in Oregon is one of my most favorite types of fishing to do in the state. The excitement of never knowing what kind of fish you’re going to bring up is always a thrill.  

And whether your from Oregon, or simply visiting, be sure to check out some of these other beautiful Oregon experiences while you’re here. 

So the next time you’re visiting the Oregon coast, bring along your fishing gear and a bucket to put your fish in.  There’s a lot of fish out there swimming around those rocks in the cold Pacific Ocean with your name on them!

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