Fishing Code Of Ethics

The Anglers Code Of Ethics

  1. Know and observe all fishing regulations. It is very common for fishing regulations to change from year to year, and even change during the year. It is the responsibility of the fisherman to know what the current regulations are.  Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse.
  2. Do not keep more fish than you can use.
  3. Don’t be a litter bug.  Carry out all of your trash with you.  Do not throw trash into the water.  This includes fishing line, bait containers, wrappers, hooks and lures.
  4. Do not trespass. Please ask for permission before entering private property.
  5. Tread lightly. Try to be as little of an impact on the environment you are fishing in. Examples of this include river banks, marshes and spawning bed.
  6. Be respectful of other anglers and the rights of other anglers. Treat others how you would want to be treated.
  7. Be open and share fishing information and fishing knowledge with others.
  8. Promote the sport of fishing and lead by example.
  9. Report all fishing violations to the proper authorities.
  10. Teach someone to fish and teach them these fishing code of ethics.