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Does It Matter What Color bobber You Use?

A quick stroll down the fishing section at Cabela’s or even a brief search online for bobbers, and you’ll no doubt find that fishing bobbers come in just about every color there is; red and white, orange, green, chartreuse and any combination of these colors you can think of.

But when it comes to actually catching fish, does it matter what color bobber you use? Let’s take a quick look at what significance bobbers have in fishing and whether or not color matters.

Does It Matter What Color Bobber You Use?

For the most part, no, it doesn’t matter what color bobber you use while fishing. The most important reason for choosing the color of a fishing bobber is to be able to see it better when it’s out on the surface of the water.

I’m not new to fishing. I’ve been at it for many years now. And I’ve never found that the color of the bobber has made any difference in whether or not more fish would strike or not. But that is my experience.

I’ve talked with other anglers who hold a different opinion than me regarding this topic.

Some anglers claim that the color of the bobber you use becomes a factor once the depth of the water becomes more shallow. These anglers advise that once water depths are as shallow as 5 feet or so, fish can sometimes become attracted to the bobber instead of the bait.

In these situations, you’ll find that the fish will target, or hit at the bobber. I’ve experienced this too while fishing for many different species of fish; trout, bluegill and catfish. But I’ve also observed that changing the bobber to a different color didn’t alter the fish’s behavior.

If I had a red and white bobber on, the fish would hit it. If I had an orange bobber, they’d hit it. Green? They’d attack it.

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does bobber color matter

Why Does The Color Of The Bobber You Use Matter?

If the color of the bobber you use doesn’t affect how well the fish bite your bait (or don’t bite) then when does the bobber color become a factor?

Visibility. In most situations, the reason you use a bobber is to see when a fish strikes at the bait. If you can see the bobber better and see when the fish is attacking the bait, you’ll know when to set the hook. This alone will increase your chances at landing the fish.

A bright colored bobber that contrasts against the color of the water as well as the glare that might be on the surface of the water is going to be what you want to use.

Another thing to think about is how well you can see the bobber when it’s windy. If wind is causing there to be increased ripples and chop on the surface of the water, plus throw in a little sun glare, a bobber can be very difficult to see.

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What Is The Best Color Bobber To Use?

In these situations you’ll have to experiment with what color works best for you and your eyes.

Personally, I’ve found either orange or green to be the best color of bobber to use. Of course, you’re eyes are different than mine, but for the most part, these are the colors that will stand out the most when on the surface of the water, making it easier for you to see.

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