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Is Catfishing Good After The Rain (Tips For Catfishing After Rain)

catfishing in the rain

If you’re like me, when you think about fishing for catfish, you conjure up images or even memories of warm summer evenings on the bank, waiting for the unmistakable tug on the line that we all know so well.

But what about those days and nights that aren’t quite so warm and picture perfect? What about when it rains?

Is catfishing good after the rain? In my experience, yes. Fishing for catfish after it rains can be very good. And here’s why I think that’s the case.

How Does Rain Affect Catfishing?

Rain Changes The Water Temperature

When it rains, the temperature of the water can cool very quickly. And in some instances, the falling rain can actually increase the temperature of the water. This is particularly true in smaller, shallower bodies of water.

This change in water temperature can trigger a need to feed. After it rains, focus on fishing in shallower water as this is where the catfish will tend to feed after the rain.

A Feeding Chain Reaction

Besides changing the temperature of the water, there’s something else that happens when it rains. Rain and all of the runoff water will cause all kinds of things to end up in the lake; things like bugs, worms, seeds and countless other things that are easily washed into the lake.

And even though catfish themselves won’t necessarily eat these things that are washed into the lake by the rain, other small baitfish will. Small fish like shad, bluegill, shiners and minnows go nuts over all the extra food that appears after it rains. And what like to eat these small baitfish? That’s right…catfish.

What If The Rain Makes The Water Muddy?

What I love about fishing for catfish is that you can catch them in the murkiest, muddiest water ever. That’s because catfish use their whiskers to sense and locate food sources.

What this means is that even if your lake or river is crystal clear before the rain, and turns into a muddy mess afterwards, you’re still in the game. In these situations, however, I might lean towards using a smellier type bait, such as chicken livers, to help them find the scent a little easier.

What Bait To Use For Catfishing After The Rain

There’s really no limit to what bait you should use for catfish after it rains. If you have a favorite catfish bait you like to use, I’d recommend starting off with that.

As I mentioned above, if the water’s very muddy, I’d probably use a bait that has more of a scent to it.

Other baits you can use are worms, crayfish, shiners, bluegills, shad, yellow perch, trout, suckers, minnows, grasshoppers, leeches, corn, anchovies, chicken liver and other commercially designed stink baits.

Final Thoughts

Fishing for catfish after it rains can be a great time to catch them. Just keep in mind some of the tips mentioned above and I know that you’ll be happy with the results.

Written by Don

When I'm not bass fishing or looking for steelhead in my home state of Oregon I can be found working on house projects dreaming of my next fishing adventure.

I started this website to share just some of the things I've learned along my fishing journey, and the many things I'm still learning. Enjoy!

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