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Save Line After A Baitcaster Reel Backlash (Plus Tips for Preventing Them)

How To Save Line After A Baitcaster Reel Backlash (Plus Tips for Preventing Birds Nests)

tips for preventing baitcaster backlashes

One of the most frustrating things that happens with my fishing reel are birds nests, or backlahes. They are the bain of my existence and I loathe them. 

I don’t get as many backlashes with my baitcaster reel as I used to, but man oh man, did I used to get a lot of them when I was learning how to use a baitcaster. 

Getting a serious birds nest, or backlash, can turn a good time into a bad time really…really quick. 

So in an effort to help save all the good times being had out there on the water and keep the frustration at bay as much as possible, I wanted to share with you this quick tip that I found over on

It’s a quick a simple way to help save some of the fishing line on your baitcaster reel whenever you do find yourself trying to untangle a backlash.  If you do it, then there’ll be no reason to strip all the fishing line off your reel ever again to fix the backlash. 

What is it? Here you go…

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How To Save Fishing Line After A Baitcaster Backlash or Birds Nest

Do This Before Fishing With A Baitcaster!

  1. Fill your baitcaster all the way up with line. 
  2. Cast as far as you can, either on the water or out in the yard.
  3. Place a small piece of electricians tape (the black tape you have in your toolbox) on the spool over the remaining line.
  4. Now when you get a serious backlash or birds nest, and have to cut your line, you won’t have to remove any of the line that’s under the tape. 

how to fix baitcaster fishing reel backlash and birdsnest


More Tips on How To Prevent A Baitcaster Backlash

Set Braking System And Tension KnobMake sure that your braking system and spool tension knob are set accordingly. If your reel is able to spin freely, more line can come off than needed. 

Practice Practice Practice!

Tournament Bass angler, Brendan Conlon advises anglers to practice as much as possible with their baitcasting reel. He states that it is important to become accustomed to the reels braking system and to train yourself with your thumb to command the line with every cast.

Cast With The Wind 

According to, casting with the wind can help push the bait forward for more accuracy in casting. You may want to do a few test casts on dry land if you can’t find a spot that has the wind to your back. Casting against the wind will slow down your lure, but not your reel, resulting in backlash. As you become more comfortable with your reel and gain experience, you can begin casting into the wind.


Final Thoughts

There! With these tips for preventing backlashes and how to save line, you just saved a ton of money by keeping all that line on your baitcaster spool!

Now do me a favor and share this tip with the rest of your fishing buddies!


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